Nintex – Reusable User Defined Actions

A User Defined Action (UDA) is similar to a custom workflow action; it can take certain input variables and output a result. The actions inside the UDA can be hidden from the end user so they will only see a single workflow action that can actually perform a series of workflow actions or a certain task.

This can be useful when reusing a workflow process across multiple sites or for creating a complex set of workflow actions that end users can easily configure and reuse.

I have created the following Nintex User Defined Actions (UDA) which you can use this in your projects

Add User to Group UDA – AddUserToGroup (

Add User Collection To Group UDA – AddUserCollectionToGroup ( )

Add User Permission to List or Web UDA – AddPermission ( )

Remove User Permission from List UDA – RemovePermission ( )

Remove User from Group UDA – RemoveUserFromGroup (

Get Permission Collection UDA – GetPermissionCollection (

Please find the UDA files here


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