O365 Global Navigation

Are you looking for a Global Navigation solution for your Office 365 SharePoint online environment?

Hope you are all aware of the limitations of Managed Navigation in SharePoint. If not go through this article http://nikpatel.net/2014/06/09/limitations-of-managed-navigation-in-sharepoint-2013

As explained in the above article, each term set can be associated with only one site collection at given time. If you have 5 site collections, you must have 5 copies of same term set to use for 5 site collections navigation data.

To overcome this issue, I have configured the global navigation navigation menu items in the term store and used a Java Script file to hookup the same in the master page so that any site collection uses that master page can display the global navigation.


Global Navigation


I assume you can write a Java Script code to read the items from term store and hookup in the master page. If you have any issue in that please check the code written in the below app.

Along with the above said setup, I have created a SharePoint Hosted app using bootstrap, anuglar and angular tree. This app can be given to the people who wish to manage and control the Global Navigation without going term store management.

Term Store Tree

In the attached code, I just showed you how to create the term tree and preview menu items. Please use your own logic to cover the functions highlighted in the above diagram.

Download code here – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3cUe6rPftnhS24tTkQ1dzc4M0k/view?usp=sharing

If there is anything else I  can do for you, please, don’t hesitate to let me know.


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