Hiding SharePoint Apps/Add-ins from users

Problem Statement
Users who have full control are able to delete the mandatory apps from site.

Is it possible to hide an installed/added app (in a site collection) from users with specific permissions or from a user group?

We can hide an app by embedding a JQuery custom action (jQuery(‘img[alt=”YourAppTitle”]’).closest(‘div[class^=”ms-vl-apptile”]’).hide();) but cannot hide an app from the view all site content page with a direct app permission.

How can I control/govern?
We can control the apps from app catalog site. If you have a mandatory app that should not be removed by site users with full control then follow the below steps:

  • Install the mandatory app in the app catalog site
  • Select the deployment option from the app properties as shown below


  • You will be redirected to the Manage App Deployment page
  • Specify what site collections/managed paths/site templates should have this app available and click OK.
  • Go to a site where you configured to install the app. You should be able to see the app installed.
  • Now if you look at the options in the app, you will not see the remove option. This is because the app is now controlled from the central place (app catalog).


  • Based on the configuration changes from the app catalog SharePoint will propagate the changes to the respective sites.

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