KPI Indicators using SharePoint JavaScript Display Templates & Bootstrap

SharePoint users can reference a JavaScript files and use the same as settings to Control the rendering of fields, row items, list forms. In this article i will show you how we can display KPI indicator using a JavaScript file.


  • Create a custom list with the following columns
Column Name Filed Type
Title Single line of text
Status Choice

The values are





  • Add some items to the newly created list with different Status values
  • Upload the Task_Status_Indicator.js file under Site Settings –> Web Designer Galleries –> Master pages and page layouts and update the following properties


  • Publish Task_Status_Indicator.js file as major Version
  • Upload your own images for indicators with the following names





Note: I have uploaded my images in the Site Assets library. If you wish to change the image names or location where it is uploaded, change the img tag references in Task_Status_Indicator.js and upload again.

  • Go to List URL/AllItems.aspx and edit the List View webpart and add the javascript display template file path as shown below


Note: In my case it will be ~site/_catalogs/masterpage/Task_Status_Indicator.js

  • Click OK/Apply to see the changes as shown below


With pagination 



Change the logic in JS file as per your requirement and design.

Pagination is also implemented in this approach.

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